Veggie lunches in Amsterdam you don’t wanna miss

Prior to my trip I did do some research into where to eat veggie in Amsterdam (cos I’m a planner), and noted a few spots – I didn’t visit any of them haha.

My latest foray into the world of being vegetarian has only come during the last few months (basically since I got back from travelling I’ve decided to make this choice for environmental reasons). Since my return I haven’t travelled anywhere and really had to take this into consideration, when choosing where and what to eat. 

When googling this there’s a few well known vegan and veggie options in the city, Vegan Junk Food Bar looked good, as did the Dutch Weed Burger Joint. I didn’t go to either, but there’s plenty of reviews and websites about them. Given I was with a meat eater, we just found places to eat with options for us both, so this list of places can satisfy both those plant lovers and the carnivores amongst you and your friends! 

Betty Blue, Snoekjessteeg 1-3, 1011 HA Amsterdam

Having walked a full circle and me refusing to be passed off with a “shitty omelette” as the only veggie option at some places, we ended up at Betty Blue. A decent menu saw us both actually ordering veggie food, Thijs took a spicy feta toastie whilst I opted for the avocado, courgette and egg salad type thing which came beautifully presented on a criss-crossed, thin waffle thing. Check out the picture for a better understanding of what I’m chatting about. Definitely recommend – average €10 per meal + €2/3 for hot drinks.

veggie amsterdam: courgette, avocado and egg

Eetcafé Singel 404, Singel 404, 1016 AK Amsterdam

A cheeky recommendation from the local Dutch Thijs was Singel 404, which comes with a great outdoor seating area and an extensive menu of mouthwatering sandwiches. Ever indecisive over food I managed to eventually choose a pumpkin and goat’s cheese open bagel, which arrived with rocket and a sprinkle of pine nuts. Thijs’ chicken, pesto, goat’s cheese and tomato combination looked just as appealing and we tucked in as the sun shone down – how dreamy. Sandwiches around €8-10 + beers, large Heineken €5.50. 

veggie amsterdam: Two Goats Cheese open sandwiches

The Breakfast Club, Bellamystraat 2h, 1053 BL Amsterdam

The simple Dutch sister to the London chain (they’re not linked at all ha, just the same name), boasts a breakfast menu served all day (I guess as the name suggests). They’ve got a few locations across the city but we headed to Bellamystraat. We were starving when we arrived and unfortunately for us our food took forever – luckily it was sunny and the coffee was decent. We had two open sandwiches, mine a toasted flatbread with hummus, roasted veg, chickpeas and salad, Thijs had thinly sliced veal on a slice of multigrain bread with picked onions and salad. Food around €8-10 and coffees around €3. 

veggie amsterdam: Open sandwiches

Dish Global Places, Johan van Hasseltkade 322, 1032 LP Amsterdam

Stumbled upon this joint as we wandered around the North of Amsterdam. It was breakfast time again and with a few good veggie options on the menu we both ordered sandwiches with sun-dried tomato tapenade, roast peppers and feta. The bread was slightly crunchy but not too hard and there was plenty of filling – reallllllyyy good, or as Thijs said “best Amsterdam sandwich ever, I could literally eat those all the time”. Similarly priced as central, it cost about €20 for two sandwiches and two coffees. 

veggie amsterdam: Feta and red pepper sandwiches

Would love to go back and try all those recommended Amsterdam veggie options that I read about online. There’s a lot of food markets and stalls across the city too with snacks; we had some great veggie spring rolls at Albert Cuyp Market. However I find it great to know places that do veggie options really well, alongside the rest of their menu – that way you can satisfy all food requirements for a group! 

Where do you like to eat in Amsterdam?

Sarah xx

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Great veggie lunches you can find in Amsterdam

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  1. Ger van Bijnen
    December 25, 2019 / 11:54 am

    Hallo Sarah
    You and Thijs have eating in Amsterdam in the Bellamystraat
    I has looking with Thijs the street where I wash born it wash
    abouth 100 meters from that please.
    I whats swimming as a little boy in that little swimming pool
    Also play football with some famous AJAX players
    Sorry for mij bad English writing
    OPI from Thijs

    • Sarah
      December 29, 2019 / 3:19 pm

      I bet that it looks a lot different there now! So interesting to hear about the history there 🙂

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