Indonesian Visa Extension – a how to guide

Indonesia visa on arrival extension, here’s the process at Yogyakarta immigration 

If you’ve paid for a 30 day visa on a arrival at the Indonesian border, here’s everything you need to know about extending it to 60 days. I’ve written this about the Yogyakarta Immigration office but the three part process of extension will be there same anywhere it might just take longer.

There’s a few different options for visas when entering Indonesia, and of course each are dependent on your country of origin so please check this before you arrive. As a British citizen (and arriving with a Dutch citizen), when heading to Indonesia, I opted to purchase an Indonesian visa on arrival for 30 days, knowing I could extend for a further 30 days once I was there – this costs $39 at the airport and  a further IDR 500k ($36) when you extend.

Note: most websites say its $35 for the VOA, but that has increased in 2019 so make sure you have the right cash to ensure your life is easier at the border. You can also pay in local currency.

You can apply for 60 day visas before you arrive too, I just wasn’t that organised. When I came to Indonesia previously I entered the country for free with a 30 day visa exemption. 

Note: it is possible to do a “visa run” if you only have a via exemption, however it depends on your budget and where else you plan to visit – the costs of this can add up. 

Indonesian Visa Extension process, from 30 extended to 60 days in Yogyakarta 

Annoyingly you have to visit the immigration centre three times for this process. We did this in Yogyakarta, so I can’t talk for other visa centres (I’ve heard two people say it takes two weeks in Bali). For us it took 4 working days; they’re not open at the weekend or on nationals holidays. Opening times are on google maps, opening at 7.30am with lunch 12-1pm but and important note is that foreigners can not get an appointment after 10am for their first visit there. 

Address: Class I Immigration Office Yogyakarta, Jl. Raya Solo – Yogyakarta No.KM. 10, Karangploso, Maguwoharjo, Depok Sub-District, Sleman Regency, Special Region of Yogyakarta 55281

Tip: Make sure you wear the smartest clothes you have, definitely ensure legs are covered and ideally elbows too. Vest tops and shorts etc are not welcomed at the immigration office.

Visit 1 – application drop off

  • Arrive before 10am, they don’t accept foreign applicants after this time. 
  • Bring a copy of your passport, a photocopy of your Visa on arrival (VOA) from inside your passport and a copy of your onward travel following the extension. I used a tip from The Wandering Quinn and booked a cancelable flight on There’s also a photocopy place in the basement near the carpark. 
  • Collect pink folder from the small desk on the left as you walk through the main door, get a numbered ticket and fill in the application form. 
  • Head around the corner on the left and wait your turn to visit counter 11 or 12. 
  • Once your documents have been collected by the immigration officer you’ll receive a paper slip with a time to come back, typically 2 days later.
The pink folder you have to collect at the immigration office

Visit 2 – payment & photo 

  • Bring 500,000IDR in cash and your appointment slip.
  • On arrival head straight to counters 11/12, you’ll receive a new receipt and will be instructed to head outside and pay.
  • Outside the front of the building there’s a small truck (literally looks like a food van). Pay here and receive a payment receipt.
  • Back at the counters, hand in the payment receipt and then wait to have your photo and fingerprints taken – they’ll call you by name.
  • After this you can go! 

Visit 3 – collection 

  • Your receipt will state a time and date to collect the passport back with your visa.
  • Come at that time and hand it receipt to receive it back, pretty straight forward. 

Note: we received WhatsApp messages the morning we were due to collect the visas saying there had been a system error and we had to wait longer. As it was already Friday (the office is closed at the weekend), and we had plans to leave Yogyakarta on Saturday morning we went to the office anyway. We explained we had to leave the city the following day, (we said we had a flight out and didn’t have to prove anything), and luckily in just over an hour we were able to have our passports back with the extension inside! Yay! 

Tip: if you have a bike (or easily take a grab bike) there is a great coffee shop called “Koffie House” 1.5 miles down the main road, next to a car wash / fix shop. Perfect for a post immigration office caffeine fix! 

If you have any further questions or any amends please do get in touch! Be careful with your visa dates as a visa overstay now has a charge of 1mil IDR per DAY, which is about £56 / €65 / $72 – ouch!

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