Why I took an internet break (living in the moment is the new insta story)

And so, just like that, 2019 is nearly over and I’ve been off work for OVER a year now – I cannot believe how fast that’s gone!

You will have noticed that during that this trip I’ve only shared one blog post, I shared less on instagram and Twitter and finally during my last few weeks I gave up sharing anything at all.

And you know what?

I loved it.

Looking out over the sea in Flores, Indonesia
Sometimes you just don’t need to share and post everything

Saving up the blog posts

At the beginning of the year I was really enjoying writing content and making time to blog, but as I was working over the summer I was starting to consider having a break – and telling the world I was doing so. I chickened out “declaring” it until I was actually on the trip. Once I got away again I decided I would focus on just enjoying these three months rather than trying to document everything, however I decided to write the some of the content in the background. Having recently signed up to Vix’s Grow and Glow community I wanted to do some education and learning before I started posting it again, to maximise my SEO and content efforts on the site.

Living in the moment

What was great about reducing my social media usage / blogging was that I was able to live in the moment, at every moment. Even if I was on a bus, (which is where I would have normally written stuff or posted online) I was engaged with my friends, Thijs and Paula, no matter what we were doing, even if it was just watching Netflix. I stopped feeling the need to share so much.

Feeling guilty

The final straw for my total break from instagram was the guilt I was making myself feel. I follow and support lots of other travel bloggers, which typically inspires me, and I chat with them to ask and share advice. For a couple of weeks during my final month I was feeling quite down (for a number of reasons I’m not going to go into now) and rather than seeing fellow travel bloggers as inspirational, I was starting to feel guilty that I wasn’t sharing with my following / community, or writing or posting.

Given I had a deadline on my trip, I realised that the best thing to do would be to give it all up for the last few weeks, make the most of my time in the Philippines and then think about it all again when I was back in wintery England!

The small dive boat on the private beach in Malapascua
Taking time to relax in the Philippines

This was definitely the right approach for me this year, make the most of time away and just enjoy. I’m now back home working out what to do next with my career / work etc, however, I’m really excited to do some learning, update my blog and get loads of new content ready for the site – WATCH THIS SPACE… 👀

Let me know if there’s any specific kind of content you’d like to see?

Sarah xx

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