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It was a few years ago that I was recommended this book, so I popped it onto my ‘to read’ list and by chance I managed to find a copy in second hand last summer in a Chester charity shop. It’s sat on my shelf for months whilst I devoured other mysteries and thrillers, but this April was HSSS’s time to shine. 

Sarah behind the he said she book


In the typical thriller, alternating POV style, the story captures the experiences of Kit & Laura both in present day (2015) and fifteen years prior to this. After meeting at university, Kit introduces Laura to his fascination of eclipses; sharing with her the enchanting yet haunting feeling as the moon passes in front of the sun. But just after this seemingly magical moment during a festival in Cornwall in 1999, Laura witnesses an attack and with Kit by her side they find themselves in court testifying against the attacker. 

Fast track to present day, and the pair of them are battling with fear. Those testimonies and a sequence of additional haunting situations are getting the best of them. Their anxieties extrapolate themselves in different ways, both physically and mentally, and, as the story exposes the flaws of each character, you find yourself wondering what else is missing from of their versions of the story.  

This was a typical, “oh my god I’ve got to finish this and find out what happened” kind of book for me, however the first two parts or “contacts” (as they’re referred to in eclipse terms) were a little slow. The characters I found were quite frustrating in their actions sometimes, both seemingly kind-hearted but making very profound and impactful decisions. 

Well worth sticking out despite the slow start, by “Third Contact” I was hooked in and absolutely loved the way the story snaked around to it’s final landing spot. Unexpected to say the least. 


I’ve rated it four stars because it is really good and I’m so glad I stuck it out to the end – it’s worth it. 

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Sarah xx

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He Said, She Said Book review

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