The era of escapism – a new found passion for my blog

You know when you just can’t be arsed to do something?

Or you feel like you’ve got inspiration but zero motivation? 

Or you’re kinda debating giving it all up altogether?! 

Yeah I’ve felt a bit like that about my blog for months.

But now, I’m back (cue sassy photo)…

posting wearing orange jacket and jeans
Thanks to my dad for the amazing new shots for this relaunch!

I originally started this blog back during the summer of 2012 to capture memories and share an online diary about my travels around Europe and in India that year. Since then I’ve moved it from platform to platform, changed it’s focus a few times and written some great, and some crap posts along the way (I’ve archived most of the rubbish ones now though don’t go looking 😉). 

Travel has always been at the heart of my memoirs. 

I was so excited to share these experiences and recommendations in early 2019 during my trip to South East Asia. However, since the middle of last year I lost my way a little bit with what to focus on, what my ‘niche’ was and finding the balance between ‘un-captured experiences’,  ‘over-sharing’ and ‘blogging’

My mind was cluttered with indecision and uncertainty; should I write this post, I can’t be arsed to write about this, I don’t want to share this on Instagram I just want to enjoy the moment, that travel blogger is better than me. Any one of those thoughts, and similar, you name it I thought it.

My life has been relatively up and down since I returned from travel, I’ve still struggled to find my focus, motivation and vision for where I wanted to take Warsaw’s World, so instead, I’ve allowed myself some time over the past few months. I’ve spent time reading other blogs and considering what I felt that I really DO consistently enjoy doing, writing about and sharing, outside of travel content…


Hiding under the duvet with a torch and my favourite Jacqueline Wilson novel, after “lights out” is a fond childhood memory. I realised that focussing on sharing this passion, continuing recommendations and spreading the bookish love would be the perfect complement to my travel content. It’s the perfect way to share both real, and fictional escapism 🧡

I am BUZZING (anyone who has video called me recently will know this), about finally feeling like I’ve got a new focus, and I hope you’re excited too. It’ll be great to share content that is a lot closer to home (haha I’m so funny…), and provides me with so much more to say when I’m not living my best life on the beaches of Myanmar.

New posts will be go live every Friday, and I’m looking forward to reading even more and sharing the tools of escapism. Whether that’s travel inspiration and ideas or a great read to pick up for your evenings after work – I’ll be here.

Please DO comment, let me know your book recommendations, comments on the new look, also any glitches you find? I’d love to hear from you!

Sarah xx

big orange W

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  1. Ger
    May 1, 2020 / 8:31 am

    I promes too read your blog 01-05-2020

    NU nog in het nederlandsπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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