Where to find the best veggie food in Siargao, Philippines

Here’s my favourite places to eat veggie food on Siargao Island, Philippines.  

When I first got to the Philippines I was a teeny bit concerned about the lack of veggie options, it was literally MEAT MEAT MEAT everywhere. The hostel we stayed at in Manila had one tofu dish on the menu which proved to be, without a doubt, disappointing. 

I survived the month, however it wasn’t until right at the end of the trip when Thijs and I headed to Siargao Island in the East that I got to sample the delights of some AMAZING veggie food. Due to plans, and some unexpected exploring (looking for an ATM) we drove around the whole of Siargao, and we managed to find quite a few veggie food options along the way. Here’s the run down of what we ate, how it was and where you can find it on the map, should you ever find yourself on this wonderful island:

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Eating veggie in General Luna

The main and most popular area to stay and visit, about 30 mins East of the ferry terminal in Dapa. We didn’t run short of options when we stayed here for a day or so. 

Harry’s Hostel

Hostel, come burger bar! We sat outside in the front porch of this white, beach hut style shack and munched our way through two delicious burgers. I had the ‘take me to the garden’ (275PHP // £4.50) , which topped with aubergine was a tasty addition to the veggie patty. Served on a tray with fries, it’s the perfect way to fulfil a burger craving. 

La Carinderia 

I think we probably ate here about three times in the end; during the whole trip we were both a sucker for finding a great place and then returning again and again! This Italian restaurant did pasta very well, and there was always a veggie option. Plus their Italian themed all day breakfast menu included bruschetta, omelettes and tasty cheeses – hence why we retuned mmm. 

veggie food siargao: Two bowls of pasta at La Candineria

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<h2 class= Eating veggie in Pacifico 

Our final three nights were spent in the signal dark spot, Pacifico, about 90 mins on a scooter up the coast. It was great to escape the hustle and bustle of General Luna and just sit by the beach watching the surfers.

Common Ground

Right up from where we were staying was Common Ground, a yoga studio and open air cafe. I came to yoga here each morning and at 9am Thijs would join me for a delicious platter of hummus, roasted veg, sourdough bread and salad. It was SO good, so naturally we came back like three times… 

veggie food siargao: Vegetable platter at Common Ground

Lolas Tacos

Up the road from Common Ground was a few more restaurants, one of which was a small ‘Mexican’ themed place. The guac wasn’t really up to scratch however they did serve some tasty battered aubergine tacos, which we ended up having twice cos they were that tasty.


In a local, less touristy restaurant, Kookaburra, we enjoyed a curry and a potato frittata, accompanied by the beautiful tones of locals doing Karaoke next door! They boasted a great veggie menu and it was really cheap.

Eating veggie in Burgos

One of our drives around the island took us to the North East side to Burgos. Here we found a bit of phone signal, and two great places to eat and hang out…


More than just a small ‘local’ food spot, this organisation also looks for sustainable opportunities for the island as a whole, to ensure that locals have access to resources they need, and to promote sustainable tourism as the island’s popularity grows. In terms of food, they offered small plates and the menu included plenty of veggie options. Small plates meant the chance to try a few of the different options available! 

veggie food siargao: Small blinis at lokal in Burgos

Isda Market

We didn’t actually eat anything other than the fries here, but mostly drank beer and chatted to locals. They did however have a big menu and an open kitchen on the roof of the market. Gorgeous views out over the coast – a cute little modern development in the heart of the local town. 

Views of Siargao with palm trees

Eating veggie at Algeria Beach

Just north of Burgos was Alegeria Beach, quiet and relaxing (see beach picture) there were a couple of foodie options nearby. We opted for..

The Coconut Nut

Who had a limited menu and the only veggie option was the grilled cheese sandwich. Served with fries it was everything you might want in a grilled buttie. Salty, cheesey and delicious – the perfect lunchtime deal. 

veggie food siargao: Toasties and chips
Walking down an empty beach

Have you visited Siargao? Where would you recommend to eat?

Read more about exploring Siargao on this post I wrote for OneNine5.

Sarah xx

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Veggie food in Siargao Island, Philippines

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  1. Opi Ger
    May 27, 2020 / 2:13 pm

    Hoi Sarah
    The food looks good but I shall never eat it bequase to travel
    It’s to far to get it.
    Also you never now you bring it on my dish in HollandπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
    Then I cane teast it.
    Normely I try everything.
    Greetings for you and Thijs

    • Sarah
      May 27, 2020 / 8:30 pm

      okay deal – I’ll make a version next time a visit and you can try!

      Stay safe Opi


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