8 things you NEED to know about flying at the moment

Travelling and flying after corona virus will be so different now. Travelling over from the UK to The Netherlands was straight forward. I haven’t had to self-quarantine upon arrival luckily, however it goes without saying about being conscious of where you’ve been / where you go when moving across borders.

As I’m staying here I don’t need to worry about self isolating upon return to the UK, which is of course the latest guidance from the UK Government for travellers returning from The Netherlands.

My biggest takeaway here is to definitely do your research before you travel, and keep checking it! Regulations and guidance from authorities all over the world is changing constantly. 

This content is based off my experience with @easyjet, flying Manchester UK to Amsterdam, Netherlands on 16th August

8 things to know about flying after corona virus

  1. Make sure you check the regulations for your destination. Do you need to fill in a health form? Get a test upon arrival? Do you have to isolate for 2 weeks when you get there? What about the way back? It’s changing all the time, so it’s worth checking regularly in the week before you fly.
  2. Before I booked I watched some of the safety videos the airlines have put together about cleaning, masks and air circulation. That made me feel comfortable ahead of my trip.
  3. I received regular updates from EasyJet before the flight. This included the option to change  travel plans without a fee if you decide against travel given the unpredictable regulations & circumstances at the moment.
  4. Masks are compulsory on the plane, and in the U.K. they are at the airport too. I have seen some airports lift this restriction slightly to only include crowded areas (e.g. Schiphol in Amsterdam). All the staff onboard wore masks too.
  5. On board, in the rows of three, there was no one in the middle seat, but otherwise the plane was full. That does mean there is someone right behind you and immediately in front as usual.
  6. Food and drink was served but there’s no brochures / menus. You just have to listen out for the announcement and then discuss options with the flight attendants. I didn’t eat as it was a short flight.
  7. When we disembarked the plane it was aisle by aisle. Thankfully non of that crazy ‘how fast can we get off this plane’ action which we usually see onboard flights! Much nicer actually.
  8. Overall I felt really chilled and safe. Arrival into Amsterdam was normal. Masks on, remove them for passport control & then head through to bag collection! 

Please comment with any experiences you have on other airlines that would be helpful to know about!

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Post Corona Virus travel is going to look so different. Here's my flying experience with easyJet, in August 2020. Masks on, let's go!

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