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Working from home: for some of us it’s new, for some it’s become more regular and for others it just ain’t happening. Now I work for myself I’ve found myself with a dose of flexibility and a side order of distraction – here’s the tips I know I should use myself… 

This post contains PR products from Rise Coffee Box.

Sarah in orange, whilst working on her laptop.

Work work work 

Where are you doing the work? Do you have space for a dedicated work area? If you do, I fully recommend making that the spot where you do business and keep those chiller areas away and separate. The idea of working from bed seems dreamy when you work in an office, but the reality is, the majority of time it’s uncomfortable and not the most productive location.

Phone a friend 

No no, I’m not talking about Chris Tarrant’s timeless TV millions, I’m talking about speaking to your friends. It can be a tough time working from home if you’re there alone, so I definitely recommend scheduling in a phone chat or zoom with someone in a similar position, or someone who’s available on their lunch break, especially if your diary is looking a bit empty. It makes all the difference hearing a friendly voice on the phone or via video call, whether they are a colleague or friend. 

I like to move it move it

There is nothing worse than a stiff neck, bad posture and a numb bum, so GET MOVING. It’s so easy to sit all day at your desk without moving, being productive and smashing out the work – but we all know it’s not good for you. Whether it’s a short walk before you start the day, a lunchtime stroll or planned exercise, stretch out and get the endorphins pumping. I KNOW from experience this really helps. 

Best time to thrive 

Are you an early riser or a night owl? If you know when you work best, then use that knowledge to adapt your routine, if you can. Maybe that looks like a couple of evenings working with a later start to the day or perhaps getting up and getting with it if you tend to slump mid-afternoon. If you’re able to, then adapt and get the best out of your own productivity. I’m actually trying a mix of both of these at the moment to see what works for me. 

Focus keeper

Do you find yourself doing housework and ad hoc chores to avoid sitting down and getting on with tasks? Then why not give the pomodoro technique a try. I first heard about this via Grow & Glow, and it’s a popular focus strategy. The idea is that you time yourself for 25 mins, focus on one task and then take a 5 min break before doing it again. Repeat for 4 sets and then have a longer break. Get that phone on DO NOT DISTURB and get your head down. 

Get a brew on

The perfect complement to the working day – a brew. As a coffee lover, highlights of my day often include boiling the kettle, popping on the coffee machine and getting that caffeine fix. I’ve been lucky enough to get a cheeky taster of a Rise Coffee box, a brand-new start- up, bringing you independent UK coffee roasts straight to your door their in sustainable packaging. 

Alice & Ben started the business IN LOCKDOWN, here’s their story:

Finding our supermarket shelves less than inspiring, we took to Google to find a coffee subscription. There were plenty out there, but none that offered the variety and mix we were looking for. We wanted one subscription that could open up a world of coffee for us to try. And there started our mission – to bring delicious and exciting varieties of coffee to the homes of coffee lovers like us. 

Alice & Ben, Rise Coffeebox

So, if you’re like me and you love a new blend to try, definitely check out Rise and support this new, small, audacious, born slap bang in the middle of these turbulent times business! 

Coffee Pot and the Rise Coffee Box branding

Jog on 

I mean, is this one obvious? Well it’s definitely a personal choice but I am ALL ABOUT THE JOGGING BOTTOMS. Especially those that I never actually jog in and stay in the confines of my house. My new favourites are from ‘Les Girls Les Boys’, a brand I’ve been following recently, which boasts aspirational lounge wear at prices that were not favourable to my benefits / start up bank balance. 

With expensive jogging bottoms haunting my dreams, I was SO excited to see they had a 70% off sale a few weeks back, during which I snapped up a pair of flattering yet comfortable joggers. I am a work from home classic; comfortable on the bottom and stylish on the top. 

Who else has top tips for working from home? 

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7 tips for working from home
7 tips for working from home

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