​One Championships, two weeks, one Debate, six topics, 20 live broadcasts, 13 videos, 4 presenters, hundreds of tennis stats, two champions, a great team & me.    The past 6 weeks has been the toughest… View Post

​Yesterday we had Wimbledon press launch at which we (IBM) have announced all the exciting new tech that we’ve implemented as Wimbledon’s official technology and innovation partner. Part of that is the cool project I… View Post

Such an exciting match this afternoon, between Federer and Djokovic and with the latter winning his 3rd Wimbledon title. I’m so sad that following today’s play The Championships have come to an end. I’ve had… View Post

It’s Saturday night. Today I’ve started a new book, drank a lot of coffee, done a food shop, watched a Rom Com and repotted three baby cacti into a new pot. WHO AM I?! So… View Post

Looking through the most popular posts of 2017, it seems that there’s a slight theme in those that are most read. Firstly, the posts about dating seem to go down a treat (hahah), my Speed… View Post

I had to write this little update because last week was crazy crazy and I just had to get it all down for myself as a starter never mind for you guys reading on here!… View Post

Ever since Serial was the most talked about ‘cast of 2014/15, I’ve listened to podcasts on and off – mostly dependent on recommendations (from Rach) and when I tend to find ones I really love… View Post

​​ Corporate Service Corps  The day I headed to Morocco I had an early phone call from my manager to say I’d been accepted on a programme at work called Corporate Service Corps – I’d… View Post

Haaaaving a super chilled weekend, so chilled infact that I haven’t caught up on my blog (I admit I spent the most of late yesterday afternoon watching all episodes of The Night Manager and then 10 mins… View Post