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Life in your twenties is a confusion of finding (and liking) a job, trying not to spend all your wages on ASOS and working out how much coffee you can drink in one day without disturbing your sleep pattern (I don’t have it past 4pm FYI).

I write this blog for myself, and anyone else that’s like me. I hope it provides a peek into my life and potentially you’ll learn a thing or two along the way. I like shit puns, lattes from independent coffee shops, meeting new people, buying books quicker than I can read them, reading said books, eating, travelling and pretending to like exercise.

I started this blog a few years back to capture my travels during the summer of 2012. Since 2013 life was like this – living out of my budget in London (that’s normal though right?), travelling whenever I can, plus I’ve been lucky enough to actually enjoy my 9-5 marketing job (ok let’s be realistic 8.30-6pm).

As of November 2018 things are going to be pretty different.

I’ve quit my job, packed up all my unread books (sorry guys), managed to source my deposit back off my landlord (all the London renters out there know how hard this is) and made the brave (or stupid) decision to take time off work and travel solo. 

(Background: I’ve been single for two years. After my successful trips to Morocco and Copenhagen as a single, solo gal traveller at the end of 2017 I figured now was the time to step up and get out there to see the big wide world all by myself).

It’s an exciting (and very terrifying) time, so I’m hoping you guys will come with me on my single gal journey? 

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