Welcome to Warsaw’s World

Me standing in front of the yellow street art in KL

Heyyy, I’m Sarah, a twenty something travel and lifestyle blogger. I quit my job in London to travel solo in 2019.

Over the years I’ve blogged about travel, food and my adventures working in London and beyond. I like shit puns, meeting new people, buying books quicker than I can read them, eating, double denim, photography, travelling and pretending to like exercise.

So yeah, in November 2018 I quit my job (shiiit), packed up all my unread books (sorry guys), managed to source my deposit back off my landlord (all the London renters out there know how hard this is) and made the brave (or crazy) decision to take time off work and travel solo. 

I loved my job in advertising and working in that industry, our team had even won awards for our campaigns so it was a really hard decision to make (I was crying a lot on my last day because I was genuinely sad)! Having worked at the same company for five years, I knew I wanted to try working elsewhere when I came back, so here goes (eek).

I’d been single for over two years, and with two successful solo travel trips under my belt (shout out to Morocco & Copenhagen), I spent the first four months of the year exploring South East Asia alone, (asking strangers to take my photo).

Now I’m back in the UK, working in a café, saving money and planning part 2 of Warsaw’s World goes global. I’ve still got plenty of blogs to write, ideas tips and photos to share – so watch this space!

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