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Me standing in front of the yellow street art in KL

Heyyy, I’m Sarah, a twenty something lifestyle and travel blogger. 

At the end of 2018 I quit my job, and I spent the most of 2019 travelling South East Asia (SO MUCH FUN). 

At first this was solo travel which I loved, that was until I accidentally found a Dutch guy that I liked hanging out with quite a lot! After a stint working in an independent cafe over the summer, my boyfriend and I headed back out to SE Asia to argue about directions, ride motorbikes, meet locals and travel for a few more months. I took a break from blogging and just spent that trip really making the most of the fortunate situation I was in.

Amongst all the travel, I’ve been making a conscious effort to reduce my impact on the environment. I’ve stopped eating most animal products (I just love cheeeeese), worked hard to reduce my plastic waste and carried a water bottle around with me for months. I’m constantly looking for second hand clothing on depop and in charity shops, and I’ve started to sell my own clothes too.

On my blog you can find posts and tips from my travels, reviews and recommendations from my time in London PLUS good old relatable life stuff

I’m still trying to find a new focus and path in 2020 after last year’s adventures, so there’s PLENTY of stuff to chat about!

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Hà Giang Loop: Thijs and I over the border into China


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